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Easy Church Wedding Decorations

Easy Church Wedding Decorations

The simple way to create easy church wedding decorations is to start with products made by Smithers-Oasis. These products are used by professional florists to save time and to create beautiful florals that can be made up ahead of time.

This extra-long brick of Oasis florist foam is sealed in a polyfilm that is meant to stay on. Simply soak in water that’s been treated with a cut flower food and insert the flowers. Yes . . .it’s that easy! I call this design tool “soak and poke”.

The extended bricks come in three different lengths and can be taped together with florist waterproof tape to create the size and length of floral arrangement you need.
This oasis has a built in water tray, so no separate container is needed. Be sure to protect any wood surfaces with a sheet of plastic since Oasis is filled with water.

This floral is filled with yellow roses, stems of pale yellow carnations, pale yellow stock, double yellow tulips, white hydrangea, yellow fresia, pale yellow lilies, yellow irises and white Monte Casino asters. Accent with maidenhair fern, varigated ivy, and miniature pittosporum.

This arrangement can be easily adapted for the colors of your wedding.

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