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Church Wedding Decorations

Church Wedding Decorations

Deciding on your church wedding decorations takes a lot of time . . . and a big bite out of the wedding budget! Here are some tips on how to save money by making some of your own decorations.

Wedding Decorations for Church Doors

Church wedding decorations often include hanging something special on the doors. Before you decide to do this, you must check with the church officiant to see if this is permitted.

You may be told that it is not allowed to drill holes or any hanging devices that will damage the doors.

Ask if it permissible to use a metal door hanger. They often come in black, silver or gold. If you wish, they are easily painted to match the decor of your wedding.

Whether you hang a church door wreath, wedding bows or flower arrangments, keep them on the light side in case the door must be opened or shut during the ceremony. You certainly don’t want something tumbling down on someone’s head!

This bride to this wedding wanted to keep the charming rustic flavor the this little country church. I sponge painted metal door hangers with a light green paint, put some cut up OASIS foam in a heavy duty freezer bag (to prevent drips), inserted it into the tins and poked small holes with a floral knife. I then carefully inserted the fresh hydrangeas deep into the foam in the plastic bag.

These were a great favorite with the bride and matched the tin pew decorations and flower girl basket. These were church wedding decorations that the bride could use as a keepsake to adorn her new home with.

Non-Slip Aisle Runner

No matter whether you choose a disposable aisle runner, a cloth aisle runner or a personlized or monogram aisle runner – your first consideration should be that is is a non-slip aisle runner!

Aisle runners can become tangled in a long bridal train, around the feet of the elderly and have tripped many a flower girl or ring bearer.

I make sure the aisle runner is lined up so it will unroll evenly down the aisle.

I do not trust the little pull strip of adhesive on the aisle runner itself. If there is carpeting, I secure the runner to the carpet with several corsage pins.

On a marble or hard floor, I may put down a couple spots of Florist Tac – a sticky adhesive that peels off easily after the ceremony without leaving any marks or residue.

Love the look of a monogrammed aisle runner – but cringe at the cost? Try creating your own with either rub-ons or iron ons. (Just be sure if you use an iron that you use a paper or cloth aisle runner – NOT a polyester or plastic type one!)

Tulle Wedding Decorations

Tulle wedding decorations are a way to fill in a large area with an inexpensive product. Be careful when storing tulle for long periods of time to keep carefully wrapped around a bolt. Tulle creases and wrinkles easily, making it very difficult to decorate with if crumpled into large plastic bags.

Creative draping around candelabras makes for an elegant look. Use electrical zip ties for easy on and easy off. Don’t be afraid to allow some of your material to spill onto the floor.

Just greenery and tulle adds a graceful touch. Don’t try to be too exact or pull the fabric too tightly.

Here the wide swath of tulle is simply gathered tightly at the top, right under the candles. Then it is allowed to fall openly to the floor.

All photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved

Church Entrance Decorations

This smart bride made the use of large potted ferns to line her entrance into the church. You can purchase or rent them at a cheaper cost than flower arrangements of a comparable size. You see what a lovely way she made her grand entrance with into the church!

If you remember from the altar pictures above, we also used large potted palms as church wedding decorations close by the piano and the pulpit.

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