Wedding church pew decorations

Church Wedding Decorations

Wedding church pew decorations are just one decorating idea for your wedding day.

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Church wedding decorations, including wedding church pew decorations, are just some of the ways that you can add beautiful touches to your special day. Make sure you have your elegant, yet inexpensive wedding church decorations prepared in advance and ready to be setup on the big day.

If your wedding is very traditional, you may want to consider using altar or aisle flowers that match your bouquet as part of your church wedding decorations. For an exotic touch, decorate the aisle using orchids or lilies. If you prefer a more casual wedding, use simpler, inexpensive wedding church decorations such as garden flowers such as carnations, daisies or tulips.

Flowers are not the only wedding church pew decorations that can be used. Consider using tulle on the pews, combined with ribbon or even a wedding theme decoration. For example, if your theme is “Western”, you could hang a small cowboy hat on the end of each pew. Wrap some tulle around it for an elegant touch.

The same idea can work for any theme, and will add unique detail. Hint: you can use Christmas tree ornaments in various styles that match your wedding theme. Affix the ornament to a clear string, add tulle or ribbon, and your pew ends will look full and well-decorated. Here are a few more theme inspired, wedding church pew decorations.

  • For a beach-themed wedding, tie seashells over tulle on each pew end along the aisle.
  • For an Asian-themed wedding, adorn pew ends with colorful Japanese lanterns or scarves made of Thai silk.
  • For a fairytale-themed wedding, use miniature glass slippers backed with organza ribbon or tulle.
  • For a heart-themed wedding, tie paper hearts or Valentines on the pew ends, and include some ribbon to give the decoration a little more pizzazz.
  • For a nautical-themed wedding, you could affix wooden lighthouses to the pews and tie with ribbon or nautical twine.

Plants are another inexpensive wedding church decoration touch that will add warmth. Instead of just flowers at the altar, why not include some potted plants, or even line up small plants along the aisle entry? This is a great idea for a garden themed wedding, or even a spring or summer wedding. In keeping with the idea of using plants for church wedding decorations, you can incorporate leaves, real or imitation, into the design by scattering them down the aisle or by placing a colorful leaf on each seat.

You can also use traditional items to add to your church wedding decorations, such as altar flowers and a warm welcome table adorned with ribbon. In addition, you can hang streamers, flower garland, or large bows on the door. Even if you don’t decorate the aisles, you’ll still have personalized, inexpensive church wedding decorations to welcome your guests and create a nice mood.


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