Altar Decorations

Altar Decorations

Church Wedding Decorations

Altar decorations for your church wedding don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. Using bulk wedding flowers, you can create your own Beautiful Flower Arrangements for a lot less.

The key is having the same products that professional florists use to create large florals quickly and easily. Start with this long block of Oasis foam that is encased in a polyfilm layer. This polyfilm is not removed – it helps keep the water in the foam from drying out.

You can design this a day or two in advance – the key is to never let the foam dry out – keep soaked in water treated with fresh cut flower food.

Depending on the size altar spray you want, you can tape two bars together or assorted sizes together. Because there is a built in tray, you don’t need a separate container.

The blocks will be saturated with water, so be sure to protect your table tops with a covering of plastic or protective table cloth.

Begin inserting five or six tall line flowers in the back. Gladiolus are using in this spray. Insert the first one dead center and begin to angle the others out as you cut them a little shorter.

Add more line flowers. In this spray, it is white snapdragons. You can use a contrasting color if you choose. Snapdragons are very reasonable and come in a large assortment of colors. If the stems are soft, cut them with a sharp knife and then cut a small slit into the plastic before inserting the stem.

Cutting the stems shorter, insert some large headed focal flowers. You can use lilies, roses or other large headed flowers. Here yellow spider mums are used for contrast in color and texture.

Add filler flowers, angling outwards and coming straight out from front and sides. Here white carnations and mums are used. Again, you can choose different flowers for a color scheme that matches your wedding.

Finish by filling in any bare spots with greenery. You can use a mixture such as tall myrtle, leather leaf fern and trailing sprengeri. Other greenery such as seeded eculyptus and ivy would work well, too.

The final floral arrangement is large, lush . . . and much more cost effective when you do the labor yourself! Be sure to mist well with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch and enjoy all the compliments.

More altar decorations are found on this website. For another step-by-step tutorial making the church wedding flowers pictured below, check out this link.

Fresh Floral Supplies

All the floral supplies you need for church wedding decorations can be found by clicking on the store link below.

Original article is here


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