Aisle Runner

Aisle Runner

Using an aisle runner can add a pretty touch to your church ceremony, but be aware of some of the difficulties you may face. They should be securely fastened down with tape It should only rolled down the just before the flower girl, who scatters petals for the bride to walk on.

Measure the aisle of the church you are getting married in. The rolls usually come in increments of 50 feet, 75 feet, 100 feet or 150 feet. Choose the size that works best for you.

You can customize your own runner fairly cheaply with petals or leaves. Use floral adhesive so the the flowers don’t brown or wilt. Mist with a flower sealant.

Unrolling the runner is usually the responsibility of the ushers. If you do not have ushers, then one or two groomsmen can do it.

I usually advise couples to have the runner removed before greeting your guests. Older people or guests with disabilities may have difficulty navigating down the aisle without tripping or getting tangled in the runner.

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