How to Make Church Wedding Flowers for the Altar

How to Make Church Wedding Flowers for the Altar

To make church wedding flowers . . . you will need the following items:

1 Large mache holder or other large water-proof container

flower preservative to treat 2 gallons or more

2 OASIS® Blocks – (large bricks of florist foam)

2 Gallons water treated with flower preservative

1 roll pottery tape

1 bunch of Emerald leaves

1 can Leaf Shine product

1 bunch leather leaf fern

5 stems myrtle

20 – 30 long stemmed florals of your choice

Step 1. Soak OASIS® Blocks in water

Add flower preservative to 2 gallons of water per instructions on container. Place the OASIS® Blocks into the water and allow to sink to the bottom on it’s own. Don’t force the OASIS down or you may have dry spots in the center.

Step 2. Place OASIS Block into Mache Container

Place soaked foam into mache container. If necessary, cut blocks to fit. Blocks should rise above the rim at least 2″ – 3″.

Pour more treated water into container and fill almost to the top.

Step 3. Secure Foam with Pottery Tape

Tape OASIS Blocks in the mache container with pottery tape. This tape is waterproof and designed to hold fast. Make an X pattern on the top.

Step 4 Begin to Green with Palms

Here I am placing Emerald leaves which I have trimmed the points off with scissors. This is a personal preference. You may leave the greenery tips if you wish. Begin by placing emerald on both sides. Add more leaves in the back tilted backwards.

Step 5 Fan the Greens Outward and Upright in Center

The emerald greens in your church wedding flowers should spray outward and gradually moving upward. Place one spray straight up in the middle of the greens.

Step 6 Add Texture by Adding Different Greens

To add more texture to these floral arrangements, I added several tall stems of myrtle. I also added several shorter stems of leather leaf fern here and there. Other greens that would work well are varigated pitt, salal tips, and tree fern. Be sure to make some of the greens shorter and tucked deep into the arrangement. This is what will achieve texture and balance to your floral arrangement.

I recommend that before placing any flowers in the arrangement, you spray the greens with a leaf shine product. This seals in the moisture to the leaves and gives it a nice glossy finish. Without it, your leaves could develop a white splotchy look from water residue.

See the difference in the greens in the above photo from the sprayed greens below.

Step 7 Add Tall Line Flowers in the Center

Begin giving shape to your church wedding flowers by putting a tall line flower into the center of the arrangement. This can be achieved with several different kinds of flowers. I am using liatris, but gladiolus, carnations, snapdragons and other tall flowers would do as well.

The best way to achieve a good balance in your floral arrangement is to place all of the same flowers before moving onto the next variety of flowers. Therefore you would place all your liatris first, then the asters, then the carnations, and so on.

Now comes the fun part – begin adding the rest of your flowers. Remember it is more cost effective if you use cheaper flowers in your church wedding flowers. They are only seen from a distance and you will get more for your money if you use carnations, snapdragons, gladiolus, liatris, etc.

Use just a few roses or lilies as focal flowers and fill out the bouquet with cheaper wedding flowers.

Fan the tall line flowers along the back and in the center of your bouquet.

Cut the stems a little shorter for the middle and begin tilting those stems towards you.

Step 8 Add Your Focal Flowers

If you use any type of lilies in your church wedding flowers, be sure to remove the pollen from the center of the flowers. Be careful – this pollen stains fingers and clothing. Don’t get it on you unless you want to have yellow fingers at your wedding!

I am inserting a couple stems of Stargazer lilies as my focal flowers. You can use other large headed flowers – such as spider mums, sunflowers, roses, lilies, etc.

Step 9 Fill in With the Rest of Your Flowers

Begin inserting the rest of your flowers – one variety at a time. Here I have added pink asters, blue delphinium, and pink snapdragons. Keep filling in between the other flowers you have already placed.

You will begin to visualize “holes” that need filling with flowers.

Tuck some in deeper than others to give depth to your altar arrangement. Be sure all the stems are inserted deep into the OASIS foam.

Try not to pull flowers out after you have placed them. This begins to crumble your foam and the flowers won’t have a firm base.

Step 10 Finish Your Spray with a Flower Sealant

Once you have placed all your flowers, seal the heads by misting well with a flower sealant product.

Don’t skip this important step! This is one of the ways a florist uses to keep fresh flowers fresh!!

Step 11 Keep Cool and Transport Carefully

Keep in a cool place and transport carefully in a van or large cargo vehicle. Add more water as needed – flowers are thirsty! It will surprise you how much the level will go down before your wedding. Remist often with the flower sealant.

The steps are basically the same for any Church Wedding flowers in a fan spray shape. See how different the spray looks with different flowers!

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