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Church Wedding Decorations

Church Wedding Decorations

Deciding on your church wedding decorations takes a lot of time . . . and a big bite out of the wedding budget! Here are some tips on how to save money by making some of your own decorations.

Wedding Decorations for Church Doors

Church wedding decorations often include hanging something special on the doors. Before you decide to do this, you must check with the church officiant to see if this is permitted.

You may be told that it is not allowed to drill holes or any hanging devices that will damage the doors.

Ask if it permissible to use a metal door hanger. They often come in black, silver or gold. If you wish, they are easily painted to match the decor of your wedding.

Whether you hang a church door wreath, wedding bows or flower arrangments, keep them on the light side in case the door must be opened or shut during the ceremony. You certainly don’t want something tumbling down on someone’s head!

This bride to this wedding wanted to keep the charming rustic flavor the this little country church. I sponge painted metal door hangers with a light green paint, put some cut up OASIS foam in a heavy duty freezer bag (to prevent drips), inserted it into the tins and poked small holes with a floral knife. I then carefully inserted the fresh hydrangeas deep into the foam in the plastic bag.

These were a great favorite with the bride and matched the tin pew decorations and flower girl basket. These were church wedding decorations that the bride could use as a keepsake to adorn her new home with.

Non-Slip Aisle Runner

No matter whether you choose a disposable aisle runner, a cloth aisle runner or a personlized or monogram aisle runner – your first consideration should be that is is a non-slip aisle runner!

Aisle runners can become tangled in a long bridal train, around the feet of the elderly and have tripped many a flower girl or ring bearer.

I make sure the aisle runner is lined up so it will unroll evenly down the aisle.

I do not trust the little pull strip of adhesive on the aisle runner itself. If there is carpeting, I secure the runner to the carpet with several corsage pins.

On a marble or hard floor, I may put down a couple spots of Florist Tac – a sticky adhesive that peels off easily after the ceremony without leaving any marks or residue.

Love the look of a monogrammed aisle runner – but cringe at the cost? Try creating your own with either rub-ons or iron ons. (Just be sure if you use an iron that you use a paper or cloth aisle runner – NOT a polyester or plastic type one!)

Tulle Wedding Decorations

Tulle wedding decorations are a way to fill in a large area with an inexpensive product. Be careful when storing tulle for long periods of time to keep carefully wrapped around a bolt. Tulle creases and wrinkles easily, making it very difficult to decorate with if crumpled into large plastic bags.

Creative draping around candelabras makes for an elegant look. Use electrical zip ties for easy on and easy off. Don’t be afraid to allow some of your material to spill onto the floor.

Just greenery and tulle adds a graceful touch. Don’t try to be too exact or pull the fabric too tightly.

Here the wide swath of tulle is simply gathered tightly at the top, right under the candles. Then it is allowed to fall openly to the floor.

All photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved

Church Entrance Decorations

This smart bride made the use of large potted ferns to line her entrance into the church. You can purchase or rent them at a cheaper cost than flower arrangements of a comparable size. You see what a lovely way she made her grand entrance with into the church!

If you remember from the altar pictures above, we also used large potted palms as church wedding decorations close by the piano and the pulpit.

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Easy Church Wedding Decorations

Easy Church Wedding Decorations

The simple way to create easy church wedding decorations is to start with products made by Smithers-Oasis. These products are used by professional florists to save time and to create beautiful florals that can be made up ahead of time.

This extra-long brick of Oasis florist foam is sealed in a polyfilm that is meant to stay on. Simply soak in water that’s been treated with a cut flower food and insert the flowers. Yes . . .it’s that easy! I call this design tool “soak and poke”.

The extended bricks come in three different lengths and can be taped together with florist waterproof tape to create the size and length of floral arrangement you need.
This oasis has a built in water tray, so no separate container is needed. Be sure to protect any wood surfaces with a sheet of plastic since Oasis is filled with water.

This floral is filled with yellow roses, stems of pale yellow carnations, pale yellow stock, double yellow tulips, white hydrangea, yellow fresia, pale yellow lilies, yellow irises and white Monte Casino asters. Accent with maidenhair fern, varigated ivy, and miniature pittosporum.

This arrangement can be easily adapted for the colors of your wedding.

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Altar Flowers for a Wedding

Altar Flowers for a Wedding

When making altar flowers for a wedding ceremony, be sure to consider the size of the sanctuary. Flowers that look very large at home on the kitchen table may seem lost in front of a church.

Find several cost cutting hints below on how to save money on your altar decorations.

Cheaper Flowers for Church Altars

This is one place where a bride can certainly save money. The colors and size of altar bouquets is more important than the type of flowers.

It is not necessary to use all roses, calla lilies, or oriental lilies. Use those flowers for your hand carried bouquets.

The congregation is so far away that expensive flowers won’t make that much of an impact.

They more notice the size and colors. Use lots of greens and cheap flowers such as daisies, mums, gladiolus, snapdragons, alstromeria and carnations. All these flowers come in a wonderful range of color and make a big show for the money. Once made up, they even look elegant enough for a black tie afternoon church ceremony.

Use Large Ferns as Altar Decorations

Large ferns look wonderful and fill up a large stage or church front. I simply dropped large ferns into fiberglass urns (which the bride used later on her patio) and they really added to the church decor. Ferns can also be placed at the base of candelabras, in front of podiums, and sides of large steps.

Altar flowers don’t necessarily have to be flowers! Interesting arrangements in greenery can add a lot of beauty to your wedding (and still cost less!).
church wedding decorations

Church Flower Arrangements need to be Big!

Brides try to cut costs by having the florist make smaller bouquets, and then are disappointed when the flowers seem lost in the front of the church. If you are on a limited budget for your wedding, designing your own altar flowers for a wedding can mean bigger flowers while saving money.

In the photo below, these standing altar sprays are over five foot tall and the actual arrangements measure 3 1/2 foot tall by 3 foot wide. Yet they need every bit of that size even in this small country church!

Look closely on the podium. That is the flower girl basket. See how small it looks? So if you have a small vase it will look lost from a distance.

wedding floral arrangements

Keep the Arrangements Close to the Center

See in the photos below how the bride clustered several large arrangements close to the altar and on either side of the cross? The four large altar arrangements were kept close to the center of the stage. The photos will have the floral arrangements framing important photography shots, such as the lighting of the unity candle, etc.

If you spread them too far out, they may not even show up in the wedding pictures. So stand back in the church after placing your flowers and see how they look. Stand in the middle of the aisle. Are they placed so they will show up in the pictures? Are they blocking any person’s view? Floral arrangements in back should be big and tall. The sprays in the front should be low enough to see over.

wedding flowers ideas

Put the Altar Bouquets on Pedestals

Pedestals can lift the bouquets up so they are more visible to the audience. If the church doesn’t have stands, check out plaster of paris pedestals. You can usually find them in craft departments or home decor stores for a reasonable price.

church wedding decorations

Remember that when creating altar flowers for a wedding that brighter flowers will show up better than dark flowers. Using all dark colors such as deep burgundy, green and red will be a dark in wedding photos. Lighter or brighter altar flowers will show up better in photographs.

wedding flowers ideas

wedding flower arrangements

If you should do your own altar flowers for a wedding, please feel free to visit my supply store if you need products such as large block Oasis, florist tools, and everything you need to do your own floral arrangements. You will also find decorating supplies, ring bearer pillows, and much more.

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Altar Decorations

Altar Decorations

Church Wedding Decorations

Altar decorations for your church wedding don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. Using bulk wedding flowers, you can create your own Beautiful Flower Arrangements for a lot less.

The key is having the same products that professional florists use to create large florals quickly and easily. Start with this long block of Oasis foam that is encased in a polyfilm layer. This polyfilm is not removed – it helps keep the water in the foam from drying out.

You can design this a day or two in advance – the key is to never let the foam dry out – keep soaked in water treated with fresh cut flower food.

Depending on the size altar spray you want, you can tape two bars together or assorted sizes together. Because there is a built in tray, you don’t need a separate container.

The blocks will be saturated with water, so be sure to protect your table tops with a covering of plastic or protective table cloth.

Begin inserting five or six tall line flowers in the back. Gladiolus are using in this spray. Insert the first one dead center and begin to angle the others out as you cut them a little shorter.

Add more line flowers. In this spray, it is white snapdragons. You can use a contrasting color if you choose. Snapdragons are very reasonable and come in a large assortment of colors. If the stems are soft, cut them with a sharp knife and then cut a small slit into the plastic before inserting the stem.

Cutting the stems shorter, insert some large headed focal flowers. You can use lilies, roses or other large headed flowers. Here yellow spider mums are used for contrast in color and texture.

Add filler flowers, angling outwards and coming straight out from front and sides. Here white carnations and mums are used. Again, you can choose different flowers for a color scheme that matches your wedding.

Finish by filling in any bare spots with greenery. You can use a mixture such as tall myrtle, leather leaf fern and trailing sprengeri. Other greenery such as seeded eculyptus and ivy would work well, too.

The final floral arrangement is large, lush . . . and much more cost effective when you do the labor yourself! Be sure to mist well with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch and enjoy all the compliments.

More altar decorations are found on this website. For another step-by-step tutorial making the church wedding flowers pictured below, check out this link.

Fresh Floral Supplies

All the floral supplies you need for church wedding decorations can be found by clicking on the store link below.

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Aisle Runner

Aisle Runner

Using an aisle runner can add a pretty touch to your church ceremony, but be aware of some of the difficulties you may face. They should be securely fastened down with tape It should only rolled down the just before the flower girl, who scatters petals for the bride to walk on.

Measure the aisle of the church you are getting married in. The rolls usually come in increments of 50 feet, 75 feet, 100 feet or 150 feet. Choose the size that works best for you.

You can customize your own runner fairly cheaply with petals or leaves. Use floral adhesive so the the flowers don’t brown or wilt. Mist with a flower sealant.

Unrolling the runner is usually the responsibility of the ushers. If you do not have ushers, then one or two groomsmen can do it.

I usually advise couples to have the runner removed before greeting your guests. Older people or guests with disabilities may have difficulty navigating down the aisle without tripping or getting tangled in the runner.

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How to Make Church Wedding Flowers for the Altar

How to Make Church Wedding Flowers for the Altar

To make church wedding flowers . . . you will need the following items:

1 Large mache holder or other large water-proof container

flower preservative to treat 2 gallons or more

2 OASIS® Blocks – (large bricks of florist foam)

2 Gallons water treated with flower preservative

1 roll pottery tape

1 bunch of Emerald leaves

1 can Leaf Shine product

1 bunch leather leaf fern

5 stems myrtle

20 – 30 long stemmed florals of your choice

Step 1. Soak OASIS® Blocks in water

Add flower preservative to 2 gallons of water per instructions on container. Place the OASIS® Blocks into the water and allow to sink to the bottom on it’s own. Don’t force the OASIS down or you may have dry spots in the center.

Step 2. Place OASIS Block into Mache Container

Place soaked foam into mache container. If necessary, cut blocks to fit. Blocks should rise above the rim at least 2″ – 3″.

Pour more treated water into container and fill almost to the top.

Step 3. Secure Foam with Pottery Tape

Tape OASIS Blocks in the mache container with pottery tape. This tape is waterproof and designed to hold fast. Make an X pattern on the top.

Step 4 Begin to Green with Palms

Here I am placing Emerald leaves which I have trimmed the points off with scissors. This is a personal preference. You may leave the greenery tips if you wish. Begin by placing emerald on both sides. Add more leaves in the back tilted backwards.

Step 5 Fan the Greens Outward and Upright in Center

The emerald greens in your church wedding flowers should spray outward and gradually moving upward. Place one spray straight up in the middle of the greens.

Step 6 Add Texture by Adding Different Greens

To add more texture to these floral arrangements, I added several tall stems of myrtle. I also added several shorter stems of leather leaf fern here and there. Other greens that would work well are varigated pitt, salal tips, and tree fern. Be sure to make some of the greens shorter and tucked deep into the arrangement. This is what will achieve texture and balance to your floral arrangement.

I recommend that before placing any flowers in the arrangement, you spray the greens with a leaf shine product. This seals in the moisture to the leaves and gives it a nice glossy finish. Without it, your leaves could develop a white splotchy look from water residue.

See the difference in the greens in the above photo from the sprayed greens below.

Step 7 Add Tall Line Flowers in the Center

Begin giving shape to your church wedding flowers by putting a tall line flower into the center of the arrangement. This can be achieved with several different kinds of flowers. I am using liatris, but gladiolus, carnations, snapdragons and other tall flowers would do as well.

The best way to achieve a good balance in your floral arrangement is to place all of the same flowers before moving onto the next variety of flowers. Therefore you would place all your liatris first, then the asters, then the carnations, and so on.

Now comes the fun part – begin adding the rest of your flowers. Remember it is more cost effective if you use cheaper flowers in your church wedding flowers. They are only seen from a distance and you will get more for your money if you use carnations, snapdragons, gladiolus, liatris, etc.

Use just a few roses or lilies as focal flowers and fill out the bouquet with cheaper wedding flowers.

Fan the tall line flowers along the back and in the center of your bouquet.

Cut the stems a little shorter for the middle and begin tilting those stems towards you.

Step 8 Add Your Focal Flowers

If you use any type of lilies in your church wedding flowers, be sure to remove the pollen from the center of the flowers. Be careful – this pollen stains fingers and clothing. Don’t get it on you unless you want to have yellow fingers at your wedding!

I am inserting a couple stems of Stargazer lilies as my focal flowers. You can use other large headed flowers – such as spider mums, sunflowers, roses, lilies, etc.

Step 9 Fill in With the Rest of Your Flowers

Begin inserting the rest of your flowers – one variety at a time. Here I have added pink asters, blue delphinium, and pink snapdragons. Keep filling in between the other flowers you have already placed.

You will begin to visualize “holes” that need filling with flowers.

Tuck some in deeper than others to give depth to your altar arrangement. Be sure all the stems are inserted deep into the OASIS foam.

Try not to pull flowers out after you have placed them. This begins to crumble your foam and the flowers won’t have a firm base.

Step 10 Finish Your Spray with a Flower Sealant

Once you have placed all your flowers, seal the heads by misting well with a flower sealant product.

Don’t skip this important step! This is one of the ways a florist uses to keep fresh flowers fresh!!

Step 11 Keep Cool and Transport Carefully

Keep in a cool place and transport carefully in a van or large cargo vehicle. Add more water as needed – flowers are thirsty! It will surprise you how much the level will go down before your wedding. Remist often with the flower sealant.

The steps are basically the same for any Church Wedding flowers in a fan spray shape. See how different the spray looks with different flowers!

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